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Director:  Anthony Bradford

ScreenwriterAnthony Bradford

Genre: Dramedy 


StarringAnthony Bradford, Erin Schaut 

Cinematographer: William Twitty

World Premiere: Garden State Film Festival

Status: Streaming on YouTube and Vimeo


Awards & Nominations: Winner, Bronze Remi Award, Best Dark Comedy Short Film, WorldFest Houston 2020

                                              Winner, Best Smartphone Short, Venus Italian International Film Festival, 2020


CALL WAITING is a dark comedic take on social anxiety.

A man with social anxiety attempts to order a pizza over the phone at the risk of having a nervous breakdown.

Shot on an iPhone 6 with a Moondog Labs Anamorphic Lens Adapter using FiLMiC Pro


Director:  Anthony Bradford

ScreenwriterAnthony Bradford

Genre: Comedy


StarringAnthony Bradford, Tina Tanzer, Mike Mudano, Jordan Blair Brown, Jacqueline Cereceres, Jenna Bowers, Chelsey Horn, Sharon McCarren, Debi Hett-Kimsey, Aleq Bey, Natasha Mayet, Jennica Hill, Erin Schaut, Bryan McClure, Zuri James, KirkRyan McFarland, Tiffany Hill, Rance Collins, Katelin Chesna, Darrell Snedeger, Gretchen Mahkorn

Cinematographer: William Twitty

Status: Season 1 is Streaming on Amazon Prime Video and YouTube



Director:  Anthony Bradford

ScreenwriterAnthony Bradford

Genre: Science Fiction, Dark Comedy


StarringAnthony Bradford, Jordan Blair Brown 

World Premiere: Garden State Film Festival

Status: Streaming on Amazon Prime


Awards & Nominations: Winner, Best Science Fiction Film, Georgia Shorts Film Festival, 2019

                                              Winner, Gold Remi Award, Best Short Film, WorldFest Houston, 2019

                                              Winner, Best Actor, Venus Italian International Film Festival, 2019

                                              Winner, Best Science Fiction Short, Venus Italian International Film Festival, 2019

                                              Winner, Gold Award, Best Short Film, Spotlight Film Awards, 2019

                                              Winner, Best Sci-fi Short, The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival, 2019

                                              Nominee, Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film, Milledgeville-Eatonton Film Festival, 2019 


CELLULAR is a dark comedy take on social media and influencer culture. 

Popular social media influencer Ryan seems to have it all, and shows his fans video posts of his latest exploits in Italy. In reality, he has faked all his adventures and is trapped in his apartment, under the rule of his phone, 'Alyssa'. Ryan must earn 'likes' from his videos in order to fulfill Alyssa's quota so that he may survive.


Director:  Lisa Nicole Lennox

Screenwriter: Anthony Bradford

Genre:  Comedy / Drama​


Starring: Anthony Bradford, Melissa Haro, Matt Marquez,

Nicole Stuart, Darron Johnson, Peter Gray Lewis,

Amanda Raymond, Nick Bisignano, Lu Louis, Devyn LaBella,

Hari Williams, Ksenia Valenti, Susan Spano, Shannon Desmond


Status: Streaming on Amazon Prime and Vimeo. 


GREENLIT is a comedy/drama in the vein of Entourage and Silicon Valley and centers on up and coming film proucer Daniel Evans (Anthony Bradford). Daniel's first script that he found and produced, "American High", has become a surprise summer comedy hit. Daniel looks to parlay this momentum to aquire the rights to a popular young adult book series to produce, so that he can cement his place as a major player in Hollywood. Along the way he encounters many different industry types from a determined actress (Melissa Haro), an omniscient entertainment journalist (Nicole Stuart), a quirky theater owner (Darron Johnson), and a British author (Amanda Raymond). He also must contend with his former boss, power producer Jonathan Horn (Peter Gray Lewis) who stands in his way, as well as a friend turned competitor (Matt Marquez). All the while, Daniel is determined to hold steady to his values and ethics in his business and personal relationships.


Directors:  Jonathan Lawrence

Screenwriter: Anthony Bradford

Genre:  Drama, SciFi


Starring: Anthony Bradford, Amanda Raymond, 

Matt Marquez, Lu Louis,

& Jeffrey Weissman


World Premiere: Los Angeles Action on Film Festival


Awards & Nominations: Gold Award for Television Pilots - International Independent Film Festival 2016

                                            Award of Merit: Leading Actor (Anthony Bradford) - Best Shorts Competition 2016

                                            Award of Recognition: Leading Actor (Anthony Bradford) Accolade Competition 2016

                                            Nominated for Best Drama, Los Angeles Independent Film Festvial Awards 2016

                                            Nominated for Best Actor, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016


THE TRAVELER is a time travel thriller that follows the mysterious Tristan Azure (Anthony Bradford). A financial whiz by day, at night Tristan uses his ability of time travel to make high risk stock trades as well as study the world. Upon finding out that his lover Maggie Morgan (Amanda Raymond) has gone missing under fatal circumstances, Tristan must travel back to the exact scene and time of the crime and uncover the truth behind Maggie's dissapearance. While back in time, Tristan must do his best to avoid blowback, the dangerous consequences of distorting the timeline. Bolstered by his loyal friend (Matt Marquez) and pursued by a suspicious detective (Lu Louis), Tristan finds himself against the clock as he chases a mysterious man (Jeffrey Weissman) who appears to have powers even greater than those of Tristan.


Directors: Doug Bollinger

Screenwriter:  Anthony Bradford

Genre: Drama, Sport


StarringAnthony Bradford, Christopher Stadulis, Sydney Harris,

Stefan Niemczyk, Maria Deasy, Reynold Forman, Edward Cordiano,

Joe Sernio, Nick Bisignano


World Premiere: Cannes Film Festival Court Métrage


Awards & Nominations: Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Stadulis), NYC Downtown Film Festival 2010

                                            Nominated for Audience Choice Award, Los Angeles All Sports Film Festival 2010


TRANSITION is an independent sports drama about overcoming adversity and attaining redemption told through the sport of lacrosse.


Based on a true story, TRANSITION tells the story of  star lacrosse player Chris Jamison (Anthony Bradford). After being diagnosed with cancer, Chris had to fight for his life and, fortunately, was able to stave off the disease. Upon a medical clearance by his doctor (Edward Cordiano) Chris looks to reclaim his place in the life he almost lost on and off the field. When Chris crashes a preseason lacrosse practice unexpectedly, Coach Roberts (Christopher Stadulis), has reservations about allowing him to rejoin the team or even play. His rival (Stefan Niemczyk) has taken over the leadership position, and Chris looks to reconnect with his former girlfriend, Julia (Sydney Harris). Through tenacity and passion, Chris sets out to show that with hard work and will, one can soar above all expectations and prove there is life after cancer.



"Transition is an inspiring tale of overcoming adversity and it reminded us a bit of Mario Lemieux's battle with cancer.  Life transcends sports, but sometimes, sports spurs you along in life and certainly in this movie it does." -Peachy Deegan, Whom You Know 

Featured On

Directors:  Evan Meszaros, Jon Rosen, Jessica Cymerman,

 Janessa Joffe, Matt Fisher

Screenwriter:  Anthony Bradford

Genre:  Comedy


Starring: Anthony Bradford, Daniel Spink, Christian Meoli,

Joe Fidler, Ruby Modine, Tessa Ferrer, Cassie Fliegal, Ally Iseman,

Rocki DuCharme, Bryson Uribe, Philip AJ Smithey, Calvin Radin, 

Puppett, Maritza Cabrera, Sigi Gradwohl, Amanda Markowitz



Featured On: FunnyOrDie, LA Comedy Festival, NYLA International Film Festival


EPISODIC specialzes in sketches that are comedic takes on television series as well as films. Such films and shows that have been parodied include Gossip Girl, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and Ray Donovan.


On multiple occasions, EPISODIC has been featured on the home page of FUNNY OR DIE.




Director:  Anthony Bradford

Screenwriter:  Anthony Bradford

Genre:  Science Fiction / Romance


Starring: Anthony Bradford, Natasha Mayet, Aryn Elaine, KirkRyan McFarland, et al

Status: Pre-Production


ETHEREAL is an upcoming otherworldly science fiction romance feature film.




Ethereal poster 5.png
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